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We welcome you to learn more about our Defizens and

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Definite Studios took our engagement activity to the next level with our exciting Leadership Training and Team Building! Read more on how our Defizens had a lively and insightful experience on teamwork and being amazing leaders. We are definitely more than ready to bring games to life!

Definite Studios greatly values teamwork.

As a rapidly expanding company, fostering healthy collaboration between our team members is at the top of our priority list.

In line with this, Definite Studios finally had its first leadership training and team-building activity at Quest Adventure Camp.

Quest Adventure Camp is a breath of fresh air, surrounded by nature and far away from the crowded city. It was the perfect place to bond with one another, develop leadership skills, and solidify our teamwork.

As we tackle the challenges of a growing company, we want to ensure our employees have the knowledge they need to make the best choices for their teams and the company.

For this event, our company made sure we had everything we needed to appreciate the lessons fully our speakers had to offer; they provided us with activities, competitions, team-building games, and prizes.

It was a great experience, and we were able to relax, play, and learn in a peaceful environment.

We learned about effective communication, pressing through obstacles to reach a goal, understanding the strengths and needs of your team, and contributing in a manner that benefits everyone on your team.

We invited Ms. Veigh Hernandez, Human Resource Manager of Definite Studios, as our main speaker for this event.

She says,

"There wouldn't be a leader if there wasn't a follower. As a leader, we don’t create barriers. With this, we create relationships that help us gain a better perspective. Having no barriers can indefinitely help us grow as a better person."

Our Studio Manager, Mr. Aleson Buenavista envisions that our leaders and team members are equipped with the needed skills and ideals to propel their careers as a part of Definite Studios.

He shares his insights on the values of being a true leader,

"True leaders strive for excellence and do their best and achieve results. They hold themselves and their team accountable to commitments made and own their decisions and actions."

Thanks to this getaway, our participants have been inspired to be better leaders.

Let’s look through some of their key takeaways.

Our Lead Video Editor, Jilliane, says,

"Being a good leader goes beyond making people follow you—perhaps it can also mean sparking the potential leader inside others."

Team Lead Game Developer, Alyssa says,

"It's important to know the capabilities of the people you are working with so their skills are used effectively and also that communication is really important so that everyone is on the same page and there are fewer misunderstandings."

Here at Definite Studios, we are all about taking a group of people and making them into a true team. While we do this through our leadership training and team-building activities, we believe shared experiences are a fantastic way to increase team effectiveness.

Our Art Director, Kia, shares her thoughts. She says,

"I got to be teamed up with individuals in different departments. This made me realize that proper communication and setting goals and plans are the key factors."

Denick, the Lead Game designer, states,

"By observing and working together with other leaders, I learned new kinds of approaches to leading and problem-solving."

Now that we have had the opportunity to learn more about being an effective leader, we can better help our team members develop their skills.

Keep in mind that becoming a great leader takes time! Learning from your failures and how to make better decisions takes years of experience, training, and being in the right place at the right time.


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