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We welcome you to learn more about our Defizens and

our achievements through our stories


In our studio, inclusivity beats at the core of our values, radiating through every aspect of our work. We wholeheartedly celebrate and honor this value with our Defizens, fostering an environment where their unique identities are embraced with resounding pride. Our relentless pursuit of creativity drives us to explore diverse avenues and express ourselves in myriad ways, while also acknowledging and cherishing the talents and contributions of our team members.

We recognize that true creativity knows no bounds. Our team of creatives is united by their passion for artistic expression. We deeply value and appreciate the diversity of self-expression that flourishes within our studio. Above all, we strive to cultivate an atmosphere where our Defizens feel safe, confident, and supported in their journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

To ensure a harmonious and inclusive environment, we have implemented the Safe Spaces policy in our studio. This policy states that discrimination has no place within our creative community. We firmly believe in recognizing individuals based on their skills, talent, and passion, regardless of gender, age, or race. By fostering a culture of acceptance and equal opportunities, we empower each Defizen to shine their brightest.

As Pride Month unfurled its vibrant colors, we seized the opportunity to engage in conversations with some of our Defizens, delving into the aspects of their unique adventures that fill them with vibrant pride. These conversations allowed us to glimpse the remarkable stories of resilience, personal growth, and self-expression that lie within each Defizen's journey.

Our 2D Animator Kim expresses himself by sharing his journey by relating it to all his art as his self-interpretation into growing stronger despite all challenges:

“I am vibrantly proud because I am not afraid to express myself through different forms of art or interpretations. I am constantly growing stronger despite all the challenges in life.”

Our team flourishes in a diverse range of artistic expressions. While we dedicate ourselves to crafting visually stunning creations for our clients and partners, we also embrace the importance of personal artistic endeavors. At Definite Studios, our Defizens are empowered with the flexibility to pursue their passion projects. By nurturing this creative autonomy, we foster an environment where artistic growth and personal fulfillment go hand in hand.

Our 2D Artist, Kirsten talks about working hard and moving forward for herself with a specific goal in mind:

“I am vibrantly proud of continuously moving forward with myself, even though I am not precisely in the ideal place that I want to be, but I am still working towards it.”

The unwavering determination to grow stronger and the relentless work ethic of our Defizens serve as their propelling force toward achieving their goals. Along the path to success, they encounter obstacles, but their unwavering commitment to their dreams fuels them forward.

Our 2D Animator, James expresses himself by bringing to light his unique charm and being boldly proud of it:

“I am vibrantly proud of being experienced - charisma, uniqueness, and serving talent - most importantly, I am vibrantly proud of being me!”

Embracing self-confidence is a remarkable achievement! Each individual possesses a distinctive palette of colors, waiting to be proudly showcased to the world. It is in our uniqueness that we find an exquisite shimmer that enhances the vibrancy of our adventures. By embracing our true selves and confidently expressing our authentic colors, we unlock a world of endless possibilities and inspire others to celebrate their extraordinary shades.

Our Game Designer Josh celebrates the community and its support towards everyone to be proud of themselves:

“I am vibrantly proud of this community.”

The presence of a strong support system is important in nurturing individual brilliance. At Definite Studios, we prioritize the cultivation of an environment where hindrance has no place, and uplifting one another is the norm. We believe in empowering every member of our community to embrace their identities with resounding pride.

The celebration and appreciation of gender identities extend far beyond the boundaries of June; it is an ongoing, lifelong journey of acceptance and support. We recognize the importance of accepting and uplifting one another, not just during a specific month, but every day. With genuine enthusiasm, we wholeheartedly encourage you to stand boldly in your authentic self and embrace your vibrant pride. You are valued, cherished, and applauded for who you are!

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