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We welcome you to learn more about our Defizens and

our achievements through our stories


Imagination is limitless! With our studio's commitment to defying limits, we have expanded our horizons from 2D to 3D. As trends continue to evolve, we are prepared to ride the waves.

Experiencing 3D art and animation adds a new level of immersion to the games we love to play. It takes us on a visually stunning journey that enhances the overall experience.

As creatives, we delight in mesmerizing and creating awe-inspiring characters, environments, and concepts that bring ideas to life.

Our Lead 3D Artist, Ton, has crafted incredible assets for our current 3D portfolio where he fearlessly embraced experimentation by bringing the concept to life

“I'd like to share with you the post-apocalyptic human that I made for our portfolio, which was inspired by The Last of Us and Days Gone. This character was a lot of fun to create, from the design and concept to the modeling, texturing, and rigging. I let my imagination go wild and had a great time bringing this character to life - I was not scared of experimenting.”

Creating a character may be a meticulous process, but it is a rewarding experience. From finding the right design and concept that aligns with the narrative, to modeling, texturing, and rigging, it requires considerable effort, skill, and dedication. Nonetheless, experience, practice, and creativity enable artists to produce works that evoke powerful emotions in their audience.

With the increasing interest in 3D art and animation, it is time to nurture our dreams and watch them flourish into something extraordinary!

Our 3D Artist, Gel, shares her tips for improving her skills:

“I refine my 3D skills through regular practice and extensive research to expand my knowledge.”

Tata, another talented 3D Artist, is driven by her ambition to create Pixar-like characters:

“Studying Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Digital Media Arts introduced me to 3D, and since then, I have honed my skills to fulfill my dream.”

Challenging oneself and stepping out of the comfort zone can lead to the discovery of personal style and improvement in the craft.

Ken, our 3D Art Director, reflects on his continuous learning journey while being involved in various projects:

“Each project brings its own unique set of challenges that push me to learn new techniques and overcome obstacles.”

Aspirations fuel motivation and growth in the craft, as exemplified by our creative team. They have achieved success with multiple projects and exceptional assets in their portfolio. Progressing in this industry requires dedication and a strong mindset.

Ton, our Lead 3D Artist, encourages aspiring artists:

“Keep creating! Success stories are not built overnight, so don't give up. Even if your work isn't perfect initially, you can always improve. Just don't stop.”

Ken, the 3D Art Director, emphasizes the importance of learning from every artwork and staying updated on new techniques:

“Always maintain a willingness to learn. Treat each 3D artwork as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Stay informed about the latest tools and workflows.”

At Definite Studios, we wholeheartedly support the growth of our team and eagerly anticipate their future milestones. As 3D Art and Animation continue to captivate developers and publishers alike, it is an industry with dynamic potential. Our team stands ready to help transform concepts into reality!

We believe that you, as an aspiring 3D Artist, can work wonders on your chosen path. Dare to defy limits and pave the way for your extraordinary journey!


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