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We welcome you to learn more about our Defizens and

our achievements through our stories


To be an artist is definitely being a risk-taker.

Sometimes, we ask ourselves, “why continue amidst the failures?” Yet here we are! Still playing with our materials for the sake of discovering something completely new, unique, and original. Pouring your love on something will never be wrong! And just like our Defizens, who once again stepped up their eagerness to share what it took for them to become an artist and have a craft of their own, it’s not wrong for you to follow the lead!

Our animator, James shared how his hobby made him realized his dream:

“The thought started when I discovered anime in general. And what pushed me to pursue this career path is the thought of creating my own someday - a product of my own.”

Our artist, Sher also stated how she discovered what she really want in her career:

“Ever since, I really liked to draw, prior to Definite Studios, I worked as an animator but I came to realize that I want to make still images, and illustrations more. That’s why I pursued becoming a 2D artist. What inspired me to become a 2D artist are animated movies/series like Prince of Egypt, ATLA, and Korra; as well as games like Valorant because of their art direction.”

Our game designer, Josh shared how his love for video games became his career, and how his passion for games inspired him to become part of the creative team himself:

“As a game designer, the first requirement for that is to have an idea for different kinds of games because that’s where you can find references and ideas. And that’s when I realized the spark in me that since I play games in my free time, why not make them my work? And I was inspired by Todd Howard who made the game called SkyRim. I love how that game is a timeless classic that even after many years, there are still patrons of that game.”

When we are young, we tend to look up to those people we saw on the television, and even on the streets outside our homes. But it takes more than courage to maintain and achieve our love for a certain craft. There is passion, curiosity, and the drive to become what your dreams are.

They said, “sleep when you are on the finish line.” But instead of focusing on the finish line, let’s just enjoy the process! Start what we all love; art. We all know that entertaining criticisms of other people is not that fun, but the one fact that we all enjoy is the thought that we might inspire people with our arts. Failures are not the scary part, it is realizing that we have given up the dream we always love without even doing anything.

And in spite of our fear of taking a step forward; we have overcome it with the hopes of becoming the artist that we all want to be!

Our animator, James conveyed his eagerness to not forget why he started being an animator, and how learning can do the thing that you think is impossible:

“Just do it. You can start a career in being an artist, and you can always learn along your journey in the art industry. For example, in the future, when you’ve become successful, you’ll realize that even though you started with nothing but your skills, but because of taking that risk, here you are; successful.”

Our artist, Sher also imparted how she really likes her career, and just doing what you want in a calculated manner:

“And well, just do it. Because the more that you delay it, you will never finish it. Take the risk, but calculated risk. Do not do something recklessly because some can have their dreams pursued, but some can not. IThat’s why I’m taking it as a strong drive for me to push myself to improve my craft.”

Our game designer, Josh expressed his tips on how to fill in what you lack, and to not let criticisms stop what might become:

“I think more ideas and more imaginative thoughts. When it comes to designing, you really need to have many references to complete and picture the perfect design that you have in mind. In my case, I lack the skills in the art side that’s why I collect as many references as I can gather until I can achieve my own design for a project.”

Ideas will stay as ideas if you will not share them to the world. Just like our fellow Defizens, who stepped out of their comfort zone for their dream and their neverending drive to learn more about their specializations. Here at Definite Studios, we encourage you to become the artist that you can be.

Take whatever materials suitable for your craft, and just do it!


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