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We welcome you to learn more about our Defizens and

our achievements through our stories


Our adventure is definitely not yet done! With over 120 seasoned artists who continuously share the same passion and goal, Definite Studios continues to defy the limits of gaming to ensure that our services are high quality to sustain its reputation as an outsourcing studio that continuously provides exceptional service to its clients and partners.

And on our 7th anniversary, our journey to become one of the most sought after outsourcing studios is nowhere near the end!

Thus, Defizens also shared what Definite Studios mean to them - with their experience and fun stories that they experienced as an employee, they have truly conveyed their feelings for the studio.

Two of our Art Directors, Kris and Kia shared how Definite Studios appreciates the bitter struggles to achieve its sweet growth:

“Definite Studios is like chocolate. Because any struggle and bitterness that the studio experienced, we still got through it. And at the end of the day, there will always be sweetness after the bitterness.”
“Everything is possible. Since we are on our 7th year anniversary, we’ve come to a very long growth in terms of our art, game development, and animation.”

Every challenge that the studio and its employees went through, among the bitterness of it all, the sweetness of every one’s hard work will be appreciated after.

Our Project Managers, Abby and Bea also imparted how they admire how Definite Studios strive for improvement of its services, and how thankful they are:

“We are adaptable. Because we are not afraid to rise up to any challenge.”
“Thank you. Thank you for Definite Studios because I was able to meet very good people. And the experiences, although very challenging, I still am thankful for all of them.”

For one to be appreciated is something that not all can feel at their workplace. But with Defizens expressing their gratitude towards Definite Studios is something to be proud of!

Our Studio Manager, Al, also expressed on how promising Definite Studios will be and its future:

“It's a big milestone for Definite Studios to reach its 7th anniversary. This will be a promising year of change and development. I'm sure we are able to succeed to become better from last year and we are hoping that together we are able to achieve it. Congratulations to Definite Studios!”

Thus, Definite Studios will continue to push its boundaries to its limits!

Let’s work hard to build your dream game together!


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