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We welcome you to learn more about our Defizens and

our achievements through our stories


Our experienced artists, game designers, and developers share their tips and tricks on effectively bringing art and game concepts to life. Read more on their thoughts about inspirations, practice, and passion.

Art, in all its forms, is a representation of its creator’s ideas, feelings, and experiences.

And Definite Studios takes pride in our creative and artistic expression.

We ensure our artists have the tools and support they need to grow. We hold regular upskilling programs, provide them with opportunities to hone their skills, and allow them to experiment with different methods of expressing themselves through their art.

Of course, this also means letting them choose materials based on their preferences from a wide range of traditional instruments and digital applications.

Our artists and developers have their own techniques, workflows, and art styles. Many read comics, watch anime, and play games to keep their creative minds active and inspired.

We asked some of our Defizens to share their creative process: their tips, tricks, tools, techniques, and practices they use to bring their ideas to life.

Our Video Editor, Rose, says,

"Start by doodling! Think about your original characters—their personality, interests, and relationships with others. Create facial expressions, poses, and body language to flesh out their personalities. Start by observing your surroundings and sketching one object as a reference. Compare it with your old work to keep track of your improvements."

Artists create characters by mirroring the personality and movements of people they are familiar with.

Our 2D Animator, Kaloy, also says,

“Always observe actual objects in motion and try to apply shapes and colors you see in real life. Read a lot of books! Reading comics or manga, and watching animated series or films, will surely inspire you.”

We also have some tips and tricks from our game designers and developers. Our team provides the initial concept and design structure of the new games we make. On top of that, we develop, test, and maintain the games we release in order to guarantee and deliver the projects successfully.

Our Lead Game Designer, Denick, comments,

“Focusing on a single aspect of their personality makes the character unique and memorable. Don't be afraid of trying new things, but don't overdo it either. Make something you can be proud of and continue to play games. Try to learn from them and let your curiosity take you to new possibilities.”

Our Game Developer, Rhea, adds,

“As soon as you have a game idea—even if it's very barebones—write it down, then flesh it out as you go. Work on small coding projects and keep them organized. Focus on making the core features of your work. Don’t be afraid to experiment even if it’s very daunting at first.”

We believe that our passion for making art and games will push us beyond our comfort zones.

Our artists continue to learn from and motivate each other. As we challenge ourselves by taking on more projects, it is essential that we maintain a good working relationship among our artists so we can collaborate and share our experiences.

As a final piece of advice, remember that there is no one perfect creative process. Do what works for you, continue to practice, and don't be afraid to experiment.


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