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With the turning of the tides on trends in art, animation, and game development, we ensure that we are ever as ready to face them head-on! And now, we are more confident as our new Studio Manager, Aleson Buenavista steps in. As an advocate of the new wave, he is here to bring innovative and refreshing ideas to help in making visions turn into reality. Read more about his vision and plans.

Definite Studios continues to elevate itself, all in the pursuit of excellence. It has always been our goal to leave a mark in the art, animation, and game development industry, and we take every opportunity to do just that.

As we continue to grow, we are happy to announce that we have a new studio manager, Aleson Buenavista.

He started his career with Definite Studios as our Business Development and Marketing Manager, where he quickly established himself.

He has an innate passion for the gaming industry that empowers him, as well as first-rate negotiation, time management, and production planning skills.

His experience and success in various other industries have equipped him with the expertise and leadership skills needed to achieve the goals and visions of the company.

The role of studio manager carries a lot of responsibility; overseeing the entire creative process means every decision must take into account production quality, cost, time, and even the people involved.

Aleson provides his insights on his newly acquired role:

“I love challenges; the more challenging something is, the more excited I am about it, and the more motivated I get. What I like most about being a studio manager is that I get to handle people—people with potential. I want to make sure that I’m present when they become the best version of themselves.“

We’re growing fast and expanding within our niche. With the help of our new studio manager, we have accomplished many things in the past few months, and we are still brewing plans to further the development of the company.

Aleson elaborates further on his plans moving forward:

“One of my goals is to have a standardized skill set for everyone at Definite Studios. For instance, we are planning a program to have our 2D artists and animators learn 3D. Our junior game developers are also learning more about game development from our senior developers and developing their skills.”

Our Defizens are the backbone of everything we do. By encouraging their development, we ensure that our studio continues to grow and adapt, ready to bring our partners’ games to life.

We want to keep our Defizens motivated and inspired so they are ready to bring their A-game to whatever project they are assigned.

As a company, our goal is to establish and maintain solid connections with game publishers, developers, and other industry partners who share the same passion for creating quality games.

“It’s important that I not only care to do business with them but personally, I would love to be part of what they do and what they love to do. That is what Definite Studios is actually rebranded for. We are here to personally be aligned with their values as well.”

Our company is more dedicated to offering our partners the highest quality service than ever under the guidance of our new studio manager.

We are beyond ecstatic to have Aleson as our new Studio Manager, and we are all excited for the things to come!


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