2D Concept Art

Conceptualization is an essential part in ensuring that everything runs smoothly and all important details in the game are translated into art. In Definite Studios, we can help you in making concept arts that capture all of the needed details of your characters or assets in the game. 


2D Characters

Well-made characters make the game alive and gravitate the attention of the players more. Our artists are experienced in creating 2D characters in  a variety of styles such as chibi, anime-style and cartoon-like that are tailor-fit to the personality or style needed in your game.

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2D Environment

At Definite Studios, our artists can create mesmerizing sceneries and locations which are suited to your game style. We can help you make your game vivid through a variety of 2D environment art - whether it is whimsical, urban or realistic.


2D Game Objects

From static objects and to triggers that can change in every stage of your game, we at Definite are capable of creating game objects that are needed for the phasing of your games.


2D Animation

Animation enriches the gaming experience. With our seasoned animators, we can bring your 2D game assets into life through spine animations that are well-integrated to your game and enriches the gaming experience of its future players.


Game Banners

Game Banners are essential to notify current players about new updates or events in the game. Definite Studios can help you to create these in the form of simple still art banners or in GIF format.


Video Ads

Posting of video advertisements in social media channels is an effective way to advertise a game. With its engaging visuals that highlights the graphics and features of the game, or the perks of a new in-game event, it can surely attract more new players.



Our team includes experienced game designers and developers that are able to help when it comes to building the game’s foundation. A prototype build or a document with all essential details about the game will be needed so we can clearly set any expectations on the game’s build. 

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