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The Art of Game Industries

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Game development today is more than just codes and programming; Innovative ways and methods in game development are simply not enough without the work of art and design. Art holds a visually important role in the world of games and game development.

But what does art mean in the game industry? Let's breakdown some terminologies first.

Art is a broad subject, but when applied in games, is a subset of game development known as game art design: the process known for the creation of artistic aspects of video games. This leads to Art outsourcing: a network of creative and talented artists. This creative network gives rise to an external art development, solely producing art for a variety of game development studios.

When demand is high, many companies rely on the art outsourcing trade, also known as external art development. In external art development, many benefits are met such as meeting deadlines, having artistically trained creative professionals to do the work required at a tight schedule intended.

More studios are rising, along with the growing appeal of games to several groups. The more visually appealing and entertaining it is, the more it attracts the attention of the intended market group and beyond. The rise itself gives way for art outsourcing to provide quality visual works to game development companies in need.

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