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We welcome you to learn more about our Defizens and

our achievements through our stories


Definite Studios had the pleasure of showcasing our 2D and 3D art, animation, and game development services at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Taiwan, where our delegates interacted with various publishers, developers, service providers, and potential clients. Read more about our fun experience at Taipei Game Show 2023!

The event allowed Definite Studios to meet a diversity of people in the same field. It was a fantastic chance to exchange insights with people curious about what we can offer. Our booth featured video reels of our animations and post-production services. Our delegates handed out freebies, merchandise, and brochures that showed our products and services that the people might be interested in.

Taipei Game Show opened opportunities for us to connect with developers and publishers who are Indie, AA, and AAA holders. We also had the chance to catch up with people we have connections with, hoping to strengthen the relationship for the growth of the companies at the end of both lines.

Matt, our Business Development Associate, shared his insights about the game show:

“I realized that there are still people that are interested and curious about the services of Definite Studios. That there are still new opportunities everywhere in the world. Another thing is that you can see the unique touch in the services that are presented in the game show. You can really see the difference between them as it shows their cultures there, for example, art, wherein you can see the style that only they can do.”

The game show was also an amazing learning opportunity. Exhibitors from all over Asia flew to Taipei for the event, which provided an opportunity for them to interact with companies in the same field that offer products and services that they are not yet familiar with.

Our Lead Game Designer, Denick, has noticed some differences:

“Most of our target market in Taipei tends to get more interested in our anime and cute cartoon art styles.”

Our art style surely caught their eye! Definite Studios attracted the attention of the exhibitors and potential clients at the event with our exceptional services.

Our Marketing Officer, Hydie, expressed her gratitude towards the event:

"It was definitely a pleasure to be one of the delegates of Definite Studios for the Taipei Game Show. Being in these conferences helps us in being engrossed with the community and understand the needs and trends. We are always glad to connect and support our partners in the industry."

Our Studio Manager, Al, shared his plans for the improvement of the studio:

“Change is something very constant, not just in our industry but across the others as well. And I believe that Definite Studios has been doing a lot of good changes in the past few months. In the past year alone, we have made several changes in the processes for Definite Studios. It's more of improving rather than changing thus, I'm planning to improve more on how to expand the services for Definite Studios and to incorporate more cultures. With that, I wanted to make sure that there is diversity in terms of having different kinds of art styles to accommodate clients from different countries.”

Aside from the attention that our booth has drawn, Focus Taiwan Newsletter featured our Studio Manager, Al, who had a chance to express our purpose for attending the exhibit. He also talked about the goals and plans for Definite Studios—something that we’re all excited about, so look forward to updates from our blog!

Taipei Game Show 2023 has been another milestone for the growth of Definite Studios. As more opportunities are already on the way, we want to say 謝謝 and see you at the next event!


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