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We welcome you to learn more about our Defizens and

our achievements through our stories


Definite Studios is back on the conference scene! GSTAR 2022 was another great opportunity for us to exhibit our 2D and 3D art, animation, and game development services to our partners and colleagues in the art and gaming industry. Get to know more about our activities and next steps!

Definite Studios had the amazing opportunity to showcase our 2D and 3D art, animation, and game development services at GSTAR 2022, held at the Busan Exhibition Center, South Korea.

This was a fantastic chance to immerse ourselves in the art and gaming industry! We came away with a better understanding of the needs of our partners and how we can support them in their current and upcoming projects.

Along with several notable service providers from the Philippines, our delegates displayed what we can offer to the game developers, publishers, brands, and institutions who attended the event.

Our video reels featuring our portfolio and striking character art were the highlight of our booth decoration and activities.

Our 3D Art Director, Ken, and 2D Art director, Kia, were amazed at the networking opportunities that GSTAR 2022 had to offer. The event was an opportunity to connect and gain in-depth insight into their goals and visions for their projects:

“I enjoyed the networking opportunities. I was able to get to know the other GSTAR participants a bit more: how they came to be in this industry, where they feel like it's headed, any other projects they might be working on, and hobbies and interests that they may have. I feel like it gave me a bit more insight into the kind of people that make up this industry.”

"It was fun to meet different individuals in a carefree way wherein you can talk about the latest trends in the game industry. Building connections and new relationships.”

Another great thing about conferences is that we can physically observe how our partners and colleagues adapt to trends. Through this observation, we can ensure that we will be equipped to support them.

By far, our favorite step in developing Definite Studios and getting our name out there is getting to support our partners and immersing ourselves in the community.

Our Project Manager, Bea, expressed her gratitude and excitement about what is yet to come with our partners:

"We are very happy to have met everyone involved in GSTAR. We hope we can connect again very soon and explore new opportunities together! Until next year!"

With these monumental milestones being achieved by Definite Studios, our

Studio Manager Al is thankful for all of the friends that we have met during our stay in Busan:

"The GSTAR conference was a success. Meeting new people and the ASEAN delegates was fun! It was a one-of-a-kind experience! Looking forward to meeting more people and my newly found friends in Busan next year!"

GSTAR 2022 was truly an enriching experience. As we continue to grow and forge relationships in the art and gaming industry, we wish to say 감사합니다, thank you to everyone we connected with during the event!

Until the next conference!


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