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Definite Studios had an amazing opportunity to be one of the exhibitors at Gamescom Asia 2022 where our delegates connected with game developers, game publishers, and alike. Read more about our experience and exciting activities that we had in store for this event.

Gamescom Asia 2022 returns to the City of Gardens, Singapore!

It was an amazing event that attracted a lot of attention from game developers and publishers, and Definite Studios was happy to attend. This was the first time we had a physical booth at the event, so we made sure to bring our A-game!

It was great to finally introduce ourselves to our peers and partners in the gaming community, putting faces to the voices we've only heard through virtual meetings. We were able to speak to many of the participants about Definite Studios, our services, and our business goals.

We want to have a long-lasting impact on the world of 2D and 3D art, animation, and game development. So, we're eager to take advantage of every opportunity that helps us achieve that goal!

To create stronger, long-lasting connections with our partners, we offered recreational activities for them to partake in. And, of course, we made sure to give prizes to the players who tried out our games! The participants received free goods bearing our branding, so they'll have something to remember Definite Studios by when they return home.

One of the highlights of our booth was the Cintiq 27 we used to showcase our demo reels. It was provided by our partner, WACOM, and we were grateful to be able to use and show off such a high-quality tablet!

We also had hands-on activities using the WACOM tablet; our booth visitors had the opportunity to experience what it is like to draw our mascot. It was great to see them express themselves, and so fun to see Deffy in their styles!

Our Studio Manager, Al, shares his experience on the event:

"Gamescom was a successful and fun event for us. It really was a game-changer for us. I'm positive that given more opportunities like this, we can meet even more clients with whom we can build long-lasting relationships. This is just the beginning of our success. There's much more to come for Definite Studios!"

At the conference, our delegates successfully connected with many indie game developers, game publishers, service providers, and alike.

Our Business Development and Marketing Officer, Hydie, states that:

"Attending Gamescom was a thrilling experience! Getting to physically attend and get a true feel of the gaming landscape was insightful. I was glad to connect with so many passionate people; it was great talking to them about their games and how Definite Studios could help them."

As a growing company, this experience was invaluable to us. Definite Studios continues to expand its horizons and deepen its understanding of the gaming industry, and we believe that being present at these kinds of conferences will truly help the company flourish.

Meeting new faces while strengthening the bonds between our existing partners in the gaming industry will surely help us achieve our goals.

Gamescom Asia 2022 was truly an unforgettable experience for Definite Studios! Until next time!


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