Internship at Definite Studios

During their internships, the students are given the opportunity to be a part of Definite Studios' projects and be involved in actual production work that prepares them for the job that they will be doing in the future. It is our company's goal to help these young creatives hone their craft. With that, our interns shared their stories and thoughts regarding their internship with us.

Internships offer all sorts of opportunities.

They provide the perfect opportunity to create connections, learn essential skills, and build confidence.

It is also done to better prepare students as they enter a new phase in their life. It seems intimidating at first, but with proper guidance, they will thrive.

At the start of another school year, Definite Studios has opened its doors for internships for students from schools such as CIIT, iAcademy, and MAPUA.

We asked our interns to share their experiences with us.

Before getting accepted, prospective interns have to take an exam that will test their abilities in the fields of 2D art, game design, or video editing.

These are needed to measure the current extent of the interns' abilities, so we can see what Definite Studios can offer to make sure they flourish.

As a company, Definite Studios aims to help these young creatives develop their craft.

During their internship, the students are allowed to be a part of Definite Studios' projects. They are actively involved in actual production work, so they will be better prepared for the work they will be doing in the future.

The interns are assigned to intern managers per department, so they have a guided, well-rounded experience.

Rupert Hanz Soriano, a game development intern, said:

"So far it's been good, as much as I'm generally shy interacting with people, but it wasn't that difficult to communicate when needed, with a good vibe going on, which is great for our current WFH situation."

According to art intern, Jan Mariel Ignacio:

“Everything is well-organized; the boards and the channels make it easier to follow.”

And another of our art interns, Dale Gabriel Arguelles said:

“I have only been in Definite Studios for a week and I feel very welcomed inside the group. I very much enjoy working with the others as I do my tasks and the feedback they give me each time I report my finished tasks.”

The change from student life to a professional career is not always a walk in the park.

Whatever the career, whether as a freelancer or a regular employee, it is always better to have experience. It’s important to get your feet wet and get a taste of what that career will be like.

At Definite Studios, we aim to provide interns with a starting point.

We will provide the training and the appropriate environment for those who want to take that first big step into starting their career. All our interns need to do is show up ready to learn!