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We welcome you to learn more about our Defizens and

our achievements through our stories


For years, the gaming industry has been a man’s world, with most players, game developers, and executives being male. But times have changed! Women are proving that they, too, can lead the charge in this industry.

With the rise of female gamers and women involved in creating games, the gaming world is witnessing a significant shift. Women are making waves in the industry, becoming more visible and encouraging aspiring female developers, designers, programmers, and gamers to join the industry.

In celebration of International Women’s Month, Definite Studios would like to highlight our girl bosses who have proven that women have a place in the gaming industry.

When asked about their experiences working as women at Definite Studios, two of our Junior Game Developers, Rhea and Dani, shared their thoughts:

“Working at Definite Studios as a woman has been a comfortable and happy experience. My talents and capabilities are appreciated as a game developer here,” says Rhea.
“When I came here, I felt challenged but also fulfilled. I believe succeeding in this industry is hard, but I've thrived as a woman,” adds Dani.

Karla, one of our female Mid-2D Animators, expressed how grateful she is to be part of Definite Studios:

“I feel lucky because not everyone can enter the gaming industry. At Definite Studios, my gender is not an issue.”

Aisa, our Lead Game Developer, shared her thoughts on gender discrimination, how her colleagues treat her as an equal, and how they support each other:

“Thankfully, here at Definite Studios, I haven’t encountered anything like that. Actually, my co-workers encourage me and boost my self-esteem, especially when I doubt myself as a leader. I’m very thankful to them.”

Although they work in different departments, the women conveyed how grateful they are to be a part of the studio and how relieving it is that they do not suffer discrimination for being a woman in this industry.

They also have advice for aspiring female readers who want to become part of the gaming industry.

Aisa advises women to always believe in their skills, saying,

“Just keep honing your talents and skills, and at some point, you will get the recognition you deserve.”

Rhea and Dani both emphasize that gender is not a hindrance, and to seize opportunities when they arise. Rhea says,

“Believe in yourself and your capabilities because, in the gaming industry, gender is not a hindrance to developing your skillset.”

Dani adds,

“If you’re hesitating to enter the industry, my advice is don’t hesitate; just take the opportunity. Seize it!”

Karla encourages female readers to pursue and polish their skills, saying,

“Just pursue your craft. If you enjoy drawing, practice drawing more. If you want to code, hone your coding skills. Hop in and go for it!”

The growth of Definite Studios is a testament to the capabilities of women in the gaming industry. Female Defizens are leaders who work hard and help our company thrive and reach great heights.

Having women in the gaming industry has given a whole new perspective to the creation of games, broadening the target audience and allowing more people to experience the joys of gaming.

Here at Definite Studios, we believe that with women, we can do more. Gender shouldn’t get in the way of reaching our maximum potential.

After all, girl power goes a long way!


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