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We welcome you to learn more about our Defizens and

our achievements through our stories


Definite Studios is currently on a hybrid setup where Defizens can opt to stay working from home or go to the office to work together with their teammates. As a company, we put the health and safety of our team as our top priorities while still ensuring that each one can work productively and in a style that they are comfortable in. To make our office day more special, we use this time for teambuilding activities.

Our Defizens have returned to the office!

It's great to finally put faces to the voices we've only heard through virtual meetings. The team is more motivated than ever, ready for this new chapter for Definite Studios.

Now that we can inspire each other face-to-face, we're more than ready to reach new heights with our art, animation, and game development services.

As restrictions have lessened, the company has implemented a hybrid setup: team members that can get to the office can work comfortably at our cozy studio, and those that can't are more than welcome to continue working from home.

Now that we have the opportunity, we've started hosting fun activities at the office to keep our Defizens energized. We recently played a Write to Compliment game, where each participant was given a chance to encourage another Defizen through kind words or compliments.

It was definitely a much-needed respite!

As a company, we want to create an environment that ensures our team members' physical and mental well-being first and foremost.

We have also implemented rules to ensure that our Defizens are safe; we require all personnel to be fully vaccinated and to have their masks on at the office.

Free vaccinations and boosters have also been provided to many of our team members.

As we continue to grow as an art outsourcing and game development company, our vision remains clear: we are here to make quality games.

We believe that strengthening the bonds between our team members and ensuring their safety while maintaining efficiency will guide us towards this goal.

After all, our Defizens are at the heart of everything we do!


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