Celebrating Women in the Gaming and Art Industry

As inclusivity is part of our core values - we celebrate the awesome women in Definite Studios who greatly impact the success of our projects. Let's hear their thoughts on women empowerment in the gaming and art industry

Game development has always been a male-dominated industry. A lot of marketing for game development in the Philippines is often targeted at male audiences, and even now there are still those who view video games as masculine fantasy.

There was a time when breaking into the game development industry felt impossible for a woman and it’s only recently that the industry has taken strides to eliminate this gender bias. More women are taking up leadership roles and representing big studios, but this is just the beginning.

Despite this, discrimination still exists and as much as we want to believe game development isn’t a boy’s club, it is still a field that is in dire need of diversity. Even those who have been in the industry for years still face the same problems they did when they first started; it will still be a long time before discrimination can be erased.

That said, even the smallest steps are important, and women entering the industry now will find themselves supported by and guided by other empowered women—women who have paved the way for others, who through their perseverance have carved out a place for other women, as well as for people of other gender identities.

Jeh, 2D Artist at Definite Studios, says:

It's a tough industry, and there might be challenges breaking through even with your skill and talent—but banding together with fellow women can go a long way in making your voice heard. Help each other out, and speak up!

Times are changing and women in positions of power in game development are becoming a more common sight.

And that is especially true at Definite Studios, where women make up 70% of our staff and 50% of those employees hold leadership roles.

Our goal is to uplift and inspire, and at Definite Studios we want our employees to grow and be comfortable in the space they are in, where their gender identity is never questioned.

This Women’s Month we want to highlight some of the women who make our projects possible.

As inclusivity is part of our core value as an art outsourcing and game development studio, we celebrate our employees and help them shine and thrive regardless of their age or gender. It is our company’s goal to continue to support amazing talent and ensure that they are majorly involved in all of the efforts that we have been doing.

With that goal and value and mind, the women of Definite Studios would like to share their thoughts and inspire more women to pursue their passion in the game and art industry.

Nikki, a Lead 2D Artist at Definite Studios had these words to share:

Game and art have been part of our lives, as entertainment and career, and this industry includes both men and women; your gender shouldn't define your dreams! With practice, creativity and the skill, you can reach for your dreams!

Team Lead Grasu, when asked if she had any advice for aspiring young women wanting to break into the industry, said,

Be determined and passionate to reach your goals no matter how difficult it is to achieve them. Your hard efforts will bear fruit in the end.

Denden, one of Definite Studios’ 2D Artists, said:

I have only been in the art outsourcing and game development for a year but my biggest advice is that you should work and surround yourself with other women in the industry, especially in a field that is vastly male-dominated. You gotta stick together!

The women at Definite Studios are surely a source of empowerment and we shall continue to spread the message of diversity all throughout.

Mow, our Art Director, expresses her hope for more young women in this field to find the success they deserve, and says,

I hope you find your niche and grow more to be the woman who you aspire to become in the gaming and art industry.

We hope that these words can inspire our audience to achieve their dreams in doing their games and art. Definite Studios, as we will continue to maintain a safe and diverse environment for our creatives.