From Definite to Infinite: Celebrating 5 Years with Definite Studios

The 1st of April marks the 5th anniversary of Definite Studios—as a 2D art outsourcing company, we have grown and evolved through the years. As we celebrate this success, we are happy to share it with our partners, Defizens, and friends.

All great things come from small beginnings.

The 1st of April marks the 5th anniversary of Definite Studios—but let us not forget how it all began. Definite Studios got its start as an indie developer for social casino games in 2016.

In 2018, Definite Studios began offering 2D art outsourcing services.

After years of trying to find our niche, we got our big break when we diversified the services we offered and partnered with some great clients.

What started as a small team of 5 people in 2016 has now grown into a studio with over 100 employees. Definite Studios was fortunate enough to welcome new talented creatives and experienced professionals to the team, and through their efforts, we were able to strengthen the foundation of our company.

Now, Definite Studios has become one of the biggest 2D art game studios in the Philippines—and we’re still growing! We plan to further hone our skills, develop our services, take on more diverse projects, and continue to expand our horizons in the years to come.

From character art to concept art, Definite Studios continues to evolve alongside its employees and partners, branching out into different fields. We have forged strong relationships with partners and publishers throughout the years, and we don’t expect to be slowing down any time soon!

We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and support throughout the years—if not for you, Definite Studious would not be what it is right now.

To our employees, our dear Defizens:

We would not be here without all of you—thank you for staying with us despite the challenges of the past year.

All of this success would not have been possible without your time, effort, and dedication.

To our valued partners, publishers, and clients:

On behalf of everyone here at Definite Studios, we are elated to share our 5th anniversary with you.

As always, we promise to continue to provide you with high-quality art and game support services. As our vision reminds us, we aim to help our partners bring their ideas to life. This remains our goal moving forward as we grow further as a company.

We look forward to more years to come with you!