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Are you planning to start a project this year? We know there are a lot of thoughts about ensuring that everything works well for your dream idea to come to life. Definite Studios is an expert in doing art exams to support you in making the right decisions before you go full-blast production. Read more about how this can help you.

Taking the first step with Art Exams!

New Year is the best time to start projects and turn your ideas into reality! And we at Definite Studios would love to help you with your art, animation, and game development needs!

One way to check if our studio is a good fit for you and your project is through an art exam.

Art Exam Perks

Here at Definite Studios, we are always excited to assist you and discuss the best ways to bring your projects to life. One of the ways to ensure that everything goes smoothly is to conduct an art exam with us.

Art exams can help you make the best decision for your production direction.

Here are some of the perks!

  • Certified quality and efficiency - Art Exams allow you to determine whether our style and services fit your dream project’s art and game direction. Aside from being a great tool to evaluate our chemistry as partners, art exams can also give you workforce and timeline estimates for your projects.

  • Small investment - Art exams are small-scale undertakings that can last up to a week, depending on the project requirements. It allows you to ensure everything is all set without committing to a full-scale investment.

  • Work Culture experience - You are also able to see how Definite Studios works and how we communicate. We'll keep you updated on the progress of your art exam! Rest assured, nothing will be lost in translation!

Art Exam Journey

At Definite Studios, we are always excited to connect! Here is the process of how we conduct our art exams:

  • Introduction Call - This is where we discuss the needs of your project. For this stage, make sure that your art brief and game documents are ready! We love to know more and tailor-fit how we can support you based on your requirements.

  • Production - Once everything is set with the planning, requirements, and payments, we can start with production. We will make sure to keep you updated on the progress.

  • Moving Forward - After all the assets are sent for checking, this is where you can decide whether to continue with the full-scale production on not based on the art exam.

Whether it's an art exam or full-scale production, we always give it our best!

And to celebrate the new year, we are offering you a 10% discount for art exams this January with the code DEFINITELY2023!

Here’s how you can fully enjoy this exclusive gift!

  • This is only available for new clients—studios who have not yet worked with Definite Studios for an art exam or full-scale production projects.

  • The code will only be valid until January 30, 2023. Any contracts or quotations signed after those dates will not be eligible for the discount.

  • Clients must send a message to with the code DEFINITELY2023 to activate their 10% discount.

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