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Anime and Games: Art in the Making

The Anime Art Production scene is the latest and growing trend among studios.

Japan is known for producing games left and right, most of it within the market-based art style known as "anime". Many game developers adapt the art style into their games, expanding into anime art production studios, also known to do art outsourcing. Such practice is known as External Art Development, making illustrations for games of every genre the client needs.

Pirate Captain Rinia at your service!

The Anime Art Production scene is the latest and growing trend among studios. The bright and bold art style mixed with whimsical tones appeal to a majority of the game industry’s market. Anime’s attraction to its viewers also gain people-traction to be welcomed in the gaming community and given this success, the genre of anime-styled games will only continue to grow. Anime-inspired games open a window to players to feel as if they are the protagonist of their own anime story.

With this, anime-style art continues to dominate the trends that float the industry and its appeal to its customers. External Art Development is also catching up with this accelerating trend, offering services and jobs focused on creating art with the Japanese animation style intended.

It’s most likely that in the future, anime art styled games will continue to flourish in every genre of the gaming industry, welcoming new ideas in whimsical, bright and bold imagery.

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