A DEFINITE choice for art outsourcing

As developers and publishers, it is a dream to bring our games into life, but it requires a lot of work and effort. This is where outsourcing comes in - when you need a helping hand.

We specialize in 2D art, and with more than 120 employees and five years of experience working in the field of game development, Definite Studios offers a variety of services.

At Definite Studios, we make sure our clients are kept up to date on our progress. Because we understand just how important communication is in maintaining a smooth working relationship, Definite Studios makes sure to involve game developers in every step of the process, all while providing professional input and sharing ideas.

Throughout the years, video game popularity has increased along with the rise of the consumption of digital media. As it’s become a part of our daily lives, the demand for more varied games produced at a faster pace has increased greatly.

For game developers, this demand presents a new challenge in managing their time and budget. Often, game developers would opt to outsource their assets to different studios. There are many benefits to outsourcing; aside from the boost to productivity, outsourcing can also provide game developers with an outside perspective, as well as the ability to freely choose what exactly is best for a project and what isn’t.

Based on discussions we’ve had with our colleagues in the industry, these are some of the things that they are most concerned about:

  1. They have a specific aesthetic in mind, but their internal team cannot replicate that aesthetic;

  2. They want to focus more on the back-end aspect of the game, and they can’t dedicate enough time to develop the art;

  3. They want to keep their internal team small, so adding more full-time employees or artists isn’t a possibility.

For cases such as these, like when there is a lack of manpower or there is a specialized aesthetic that developers’ internal artists are not able to replicate, outsourcing could be the answer. In the case of Definite Studios, we are able to scale up depending on the requirements of the project and assist with creating the necessary assets for our clients.

It is always an interesting and tough journey to release a game, especially in these tough times. What we can say is, we are more than happy to help bring your project to life.