2D Artist (Mobile Games)

Job Location

Quezon City


PHP 25,000 - PHP 50,000

Type of Job


Job Specializations

Arts/Media/Communications, Arts/Creative Design

Career Level

Assistant Manager/Manager


2D Game Artist position involves production of art assets in 2D style. Responsibilities include reporting to assigned Team Leader and conforming to the set art style for the projects assigned. The artist should have competent knowledge & skills.

The applicant should be quick to adapt and learn the basics of anatomy and perspective while also able to do sketch, line art, and complete the full color style within the project timeline.

  • Reports to Team Leader or Art Director

  • Complete tasks within the timeframe allotted for it

  • Do daily updates with the project manager about task timeline

  • Able to be creative while also conforming to set guidelines 



  • High school graduate or equivalent

    Technical/Functional Skills

  • Experience and knowledge in Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint or SAI

  • Knowledge in anime and/or western art styles

  • Knowledge in human anatomy, lighting and shadows, color theory

  • Knowledge in perspective and values

Preferred But NOT Required

  • Knowledge in Japanese anime is a plus.

  • Knowledge in K-pop is a plus.

  • Being a "Fujoshi" is a plus.

  • Being a "Weeaboo" is a plus.

  • Being a gamer is a plus.

  • Plays card games / board games is a plus.

  • Can eat a lot (we love eating) is big plus.

  • NOT "PIKON" is important.

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